Unlike other innovation consultants that focus on strategy and planning, EIR is all about doing. Your EIR is expected to be measured in customers and earnings, not PowerPoint slides.


Your EIR dedicates a minimum of two days a week to help with:

  • Observe your company to understand the innovation baseline
  • Ideate with the team to come up with new venture ideas
  • Prioritize and develop the ideas into promising concepts
  • Discover, refine and size the new venture opportunities
  • Validate them with customers using Jobs-to-be-Done and Design Thinking framework
  • Craft the startup business plans to review with management and initiate new ventures
  • Recruit teams from within and outside of the business
  • Build the business with a Lean Startup methodology

Your EIR is an independent contractor with a simple month-to-month consulting engagement. You own all of the IP generated by the engagement.