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Shaping Disruptive Ideas

By August 9, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

Big myth of innovation: ideas that create billion dollar companies never come out fully formed. They must be shaped, improved, and modified. This is the PROCESS of entrepreneurship. 

Shaping an idea into a disruption is an effective strategy for beating incumbents. 

Ideas usually don’t start as disruptive at their core. But you can shape and transform an idea into a disruption, which means something very specific.

It is much easier to beat competitors when they are motivated to flee rather than fight. 

Established firms that hope to capture the growth of a disruptive tech need to do so from a new company. Disruptor continues to make good profits even when going upmarket. Conversely, when incumbent tries to go downmarket the extra profits get absorbed into overheads and won’t fall to bottom line. 

Goal: target products or markets that established companies are motivated to run away from, rather than fight. 

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