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Nonconsumption as a Target for Corporate Innovation

By August 9, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

Several types of non consumption. 

Non consumption when don’t have a job to get done. This is bad innovation to chase. 

Non consumption when can’t afford or can’t understand. This is good innovation to chase. Targeting people who Lack money or skill is a good growth opportunity. 

Incumbents will feel no pain if you initially target non consumption because you aren’t taking share from them. 

Simple, inexpensive solution beyond reach

Compare disruptive product to nothing at all so it looks good. 

Tech enables simple convenient and foolproof. Allows non consumers ability to consume. Allows new value network. 

When disrupting your own business, you can’t target existing customer base and channels. Then compete on sustaining bases and nearly always fail. 

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