Don't Wait to be Disrupted.

Seize the initiative and become the Disruptor with your Entrepreneur in Residence. Your EIR is an accomplished entrepreneur who will work with your team to identify, validate and launch disruptive new ventures.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan KayInnovator

Every day, entrepreneurs reimagine our world. Now they can reimagine your company, too.

Disruption is coming. Technology, emerging markets, wavering customers, fast-moving startups. It’s not if you will be disrupted. It’s when.

You can be disrupted or throw your hat in the ring. EIR stand for Entrepreneur In Residence, which is your best weapon to fight back.

Your EIR helps you discover new opportunities, develop plans, and build new businesses. Along the way, your company will develop the culture and processes to become an Innovation Machine.

Your Entrepreneur in Residence is an entrepreneur experienced in modern methods and technologies, experienced with formulating startup strategy, building the MVP, raising capital, and taking innovations to market.

EIRs are tech entrepreneurs at their core, so they can help you understand how a new technology might threaten your core business, or how to leverage it for disruptive innovation.

Your EIR works side-by-side with your team and can even lead the business building efforts.

Your EIR is a track-record entrepreneur who will get dirty and build new businesses.

EIR = Entrepreneur In Residence

Go on the Offensive

EIR's Approach

From Ideation to Execution

With your EIR, you are building new businesses, not dreaming on a whiteboard. Too many innovation strategy companies can’t execute the plan. EIR is your long-term partner for innovation success.

Your Chief Innovation Officer

Your EIR is your Chief Innovation Officer who can help with everything from team selection to MVP to scaling up. Your EIR is a track record entrepreneur who will help build the new business.

Culture of Innovation

An EIR is hands on, working in the trenches with your team to help launch and scale new startups while developing a culture of innovation. Executives in the company will get unparalleled perspective on how to launch new ventures.

Capital Allocation

Funding innovation necessarily must be very different than your annual budgeting cycles. Your EIR will help you with capital allocation decisions, and how to properly fund the right opportunities.

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